Hand dyed Cotswold locks


Cotswold sheep is one of the world’s most beautiful and rare sheep comes from the hills of the Cotswolds in England, less than 20 miles from the Welsh border. They are thought to be descended from a long wool introduced by the Romans in the first century A.D.  They were introduced to America in 1832 and in 1993 less than 400 lambs were registered in UK and USA. Thanks to increased popularity among spinners, this breed is now off the rare sheep list. It is highly lustrous fleece and is sometimes called poorman’s mohair. Cotswold sheeps  are great mothers and are known as  the Gentle Giants.

This fleece is grown in Manitoba

I process the raw fleece by pulling each lock.  The locks are washed and then hand dyed in small butches, so each bundle is unique and different in colour.

The average staple length is 7-8 inches. Each bundle weight 1.5oz or 42.5 grams

You can use the  locks for used to weaving, spinning, felting or doll hair.

I vacuum seal products to save on shipping costs. Photographs are taken in natural light.

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