Raw Wensleydale fleece 8-9 inch staple length


Wensleydale sheep is an “at risk” endangered British breed.  The fleece is known for its luster and extra  long curly locks.   This fleece is from a small farmer in the United Kingdom.

Wensleydale sheep is only sheared once a year, so it has more dirt and lanolin in than other breeds, which means it might take a little more love to wash these locks than fleeces from sheep that is sheared twice a year…..but it is soooo worth the effort.  This fleece has minimal vegetable matter and is form uncovered sheep.

The average staple length is 8-9 inches, (20-23cm)

It is sold by the pound

This washes up beautifully. You can weave, lock spin, felt or use these for doll hair.


I vacuum seal products to save on shipping costs. Photographs are taken in natural light.





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